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Some disadvantages of working at home in India
1. lazy well connected liars taking credit without doing any work or spending any money, and get important positions. the young lazy cheater girlfriends of powerful officials are the greatest beneficiaries, as they fraudulently claim credit, and powerful officials infatuated with women half their age, do not even bother to verify the claims. By successfully duping powerful officials these young cheater girlfriends get permanent government jobs, pension as reward for their fraud.
defamation - older people working at home are often defamed by powerful officials who are infatuated with their lazy young cheater girlfriends and want to give these young frauds great powers, government jobs, pension at the expense of the person who actually does the work.
3. lack of interaction with others - though powerful officials may falsely claim that the young cheater women half their age, who they are infatuated with, are involved in the business,these women do nothing but seduce powerful officials who blindly believe all their claims to give them permanent government jobs with pension as reward for fraud and lies.

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