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Disadvantage of working in office.
For offline businesses, working in an office has many benefits as they can interact with their vendors and customers very easily. On the other hand, for online businesses in India there are many risks of working in an office especially if the business owner is not well connected or good looking. Unlike other sectors, in the internet sector in India there is a lot of emphasis on being young and good looking , competence, experience and hard work does not matter at all. Identity theft of individuals who are not young or good looking seems to be very rampant.

Not only is working in an office expensive in terms of rentals, but the laptops are very easily hacked, using hidden wifi frequencies,so that someone young and glamorous looking can claim to be the owner of the online business, without doing any work or spending any money. For example, when this webmaster hired a expensive virtual office, a glamorous stock broker falsely claimed credit for all the revenues of the business, despite not doing any work or spending money online for the online business.

Due to the extremely regressive attitude towards women ,non good looking and older women will always face the risk of identity theft by powerful men who are not accountable to anyone, but working at home, they at least save some money, time on rentals and commuting to their workplace.

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