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Harassment of webmasters working at home in india is the worst in the world, as they are put under surveillance for years, without a valid reason, so that officials can ogle at them, sexually harassing them in the worst possible manner, wasting crores of indian tax payer money for more than 7 years. Some webmasters have expensive surveillance equipment placed outside every home they stay, with neighbours recruited to spy on them for multiple homes, across multiple states all over india.

False rumours are spread that the business is illegal, that the business owner is not doing any work, , making it difficult to lead a normal life, and greedy dishonest powerful officials, threaten to freeze the bank accounts and retirement savings without a valid reason by abusing their powers, because they do not bother to understand the business model.Nothing is told directly, high tech and sophisticated voice to skull technology is being used for harassment

the webmaster has to fight blackmail attempts by atleast six greedy powerful dishonest officials, who want to make their young cheater relatives and friends very rich overnight by stealing the hard earned money of the webmaster, by falsely claiming that their young cheater girlfriends, relatives are doing all the work, when the only work these women do is seducing powerful officials, cheating and duping them.

Greedy dishonest Powerful officials and families will falsely claim ownership of websites and domains owned by the webmaster, to get great privileges for themselves,lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with monthly salary when they do not spend a single paisa or contribute in any way.